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What a Parade!

newhaven (Custom Home Design)

Thanks to all of you who stopped by to visit our award-winning Parade Home during the recent Parade of Homes. I enjoyed chatting with the many friends, clients and new visitors who stopped by.

I owe a special thanks to our homeowners, Paul & Danita, who so kindly opened their home for all to... read more

Hidden in Plain Sight

Bill Reynolds (Custom Home Design)

Intelligent universal design fades into the background and makes everyone happier

Today's biggest demographic trend poses a challenge and also presents an opportunity. That's because more and more working-age people are asking for a home with space to accommodate senior parents with... read more

A Touch of Drama

Bill Reynolds (Custom Home Design)

Outdoor lighting is a real art, and the best result comes from planning ahead.

A beautiful custom home represents a huge investment of time, care and money. Someone who has decided to make that investment most likely wants the home to present its best face to the world. During the day, that face... read more

How to Use Online Contractor Reviews

Bill Reynolds (Selecting a Builder)

Trust? Maybe. Verify? Definitely.
A September 2011 Business Week article reported on a Texas home improvement contractor that hired a writer to post 200 positive reviews on sites like Yelp and Google. The story went on to cite other examples and... read more


Making Sense of Allowances

Bill Reynolds (The Building Process)

For best results, narrow down the options up front

Allowances--that is, budgeting general costs for items before the specific items are chosen--are a fact of life on many projects. Some homeowners have trouble making decisions before work begins, most... read more


Is Voice Control for You?

Bill Reynolds (Custom Home Design)

More and more home systems are adding voice control technology. Let's look at the pros and cons.

The star of this year's International Builder's Show was a smart lady by the name of Alexa. As you know, she's the personal digital assistant that lives inside Amazon's Echo smart... read more

Better Than Bidding

Bill Reynolds (The Building Process)

Identifying the best pro to build your new home starts by clarifying your wants and needs.

Should you heed the conventional advice about getting price bids from three builders? Maybe, but once you understand the complexities and uncertainties that go into a bid, you will see why there... read more