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Have Questions? Ask the Builder

Bill Reynolds (Selecting a Builder)

It's natural to have questions and changes when building a custom home. Prevent surprises and delays by getting answers from the top.

There are lots of things homeowners can do to keep their building project running smoothly. Number one is making timely product... read more

Shedding Light on Window Options

Bill Reynolds (Sustainability)

It wasn't that long ago that a window was a window ... was a window. Basically, a hole in the wall fitted with a wood-framed pane of glass that allowed a view to the outside and provided a little bit of daylight into a house.

Over the past 25 years, windows have... read more

Meet the Maestro

Bill Reynolds (Custom Home Design)

The pro who conducts your project to its finale draws from a deep well of knowledge

Some builders call them job supervisors. Others refer to them as project managers, or PMs. Regardless of the title, these individuals are the unsung heroes of the residential construction business. Many... read more

What a Parade!

Bill Reynolds (Custom Home Design)

Thanks to all of you who stopped by to visit our award-winning Feature Home during the Parade of Homes. I enjoyed chatting with the many friends, clients and new visitors who stopped by.

What a Parade!

I owe a special thanks... read more

First Impressions

Bill Reynolds (Custom Home Design)

The best builders know that the initial meeting is about earning your trust

A big factor in someone's choice of a builder is their comfort with the first person they meet from the company, whether it's the owner or a sales person. Natural rapport is important, but gut feelings also play a... read more

Why Home Tech Is a Wise Investment

Bill Reynolds (Custom Home Design)

Simple, affordable and easy-to-install wireless is making the long-predicted smart home a must-have.

PC Magazine has called 2016 The Year of the Home—the start of a flowering of wireless devices that will make home life easier, healthier and more fun. Research... read more

Home Price Reality Check

Bill Reynolds (Custom Home Design)

Consulting with a builder before drawing the plans will save expense and headaches.

Most custom builders have had clients show up at their office with a set of finished plans that, in reality, will cost 25% to 30% more than the... read more