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The Building Process

Develop your Building Team

Bill Reynolds (The Building Process)

Historically and traditionally, people have been conditioned to follow a certain, linear path to building a new home. That is, hire an architect or designer to create the plans, select a builder and then maybe bring in a stylist or interior designer to apply the finishing... read more

Custom Home Design

The New Home Office

Bill Reynolds (Custom Home Design)

Life and work styles are evolving. Make sure the home office is up to date.

It’s not news that home offices have become mainstream. According to a recent Forbes study, one in five Americans work from home, and that number continues to rise. Technology has made working from home efficient... read more

Custom Home Design

Building Peace and Quiet

Bill Reynolds (Custom Home Design)

When considering building a new home, the focus typically revolves around floor plan, home energy performance or updated finishes. While these considerations are important, they omit a key element to quality of life: peace and quiet.

This may mean blocking out unwanted... read more

Custom Home Design

Shedding Light on Window Options

Bill Reynolds (Custom Home Design)

It wasn't that long ago that a window was a window ... was a window. Basically, a hole in the wall fitted with a wood-framed pane of glass that allowed a view to the outside and provided a little bit of daylight into a house.

Over the past 25 years, windows have... read more


Practical Green

Bill Reynolds (Sustainability)

Green building is certainly a hot topic these days. For builders striving to reduce the environmental footprints of the homes they build, the process encompasses a wide range of materials, products and systems.

But does building green really mean anything to you as a homebuyer? You may recognize... read more